...because pain is the proof that you're alive.

Ink Penn
6 December 1988
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Other Pseudonyms: Ink Penn, Svanhild Linden, Tsuki Nakajima (or Tsuki Kishima), The Liquid Moon

Updated: February 03, 2010

On Names (or What the hell do I call you?)

You can address me as 'Ink' or 'Tsuki' - I like them both, no preferences. Even if you make up your own name for me, I'd be delighted! ^^ As for Svanhild, I haven't used it much, hence, I don't identify with it - as yet. Just in case you are wondering, no, I don't suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. I'm used to being called by more than three different names by people since birth and now I'm fond of the idea. There are about five more pseudonyms I could add to the current list. However, that would just make things messier and is practically useless. -.-

On Extra-net Life (or What do you do when you're not online?)

I study in a medical school - timings: eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. Other than that, I spend my time with books, movies, music, nature, characoal pencils, crayons, oil paints, random games, random hobbies, newspapers and yoga. I've given up socialising because I find it pointless and repulsive. I guess I'm just a loner. No, scratch that. I'm generally too possessive (whether it is towards people or things) and frivolous chatter is akin to mind-rape for me, so I don't fancy it.

On the Internet (or Why are you addicted to the internet?)

This one's tough. For one, 'addicted' is not the proper word because I can fuction pretty well without it. However, I'll admit that having ready access to the internet makes life extremely wonderful and easy. So once I'm out of my LJ, here's what I do:

1. There's tons of things that help me with my studies - that speed up the mundane search work and provide so many new things! There's nothing better than looking at a topic at hand from a different point of view. It also helps me a lot with all my hobbies. It helps me with small things I want to know about day-to-day life, eg., cooking. There are extremely few instances when the internet failed to help me.

2. Fanfiction and Fictionpress! I love reading and reviewing works published there. I've begun writing fanfiction again and am seriously considering putting up some of my original fiction on fictionpress. Also, I'm determined to overcome my bad habit of reading and not reviewing, I've presently contained my reading to fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com. Once reviewing whatever I read comes naturally to me, I'll venture out to all the other great fanfiction and original fiction archives.

3. Read manga~ Any kind, from anywhere. My most loved genre is 'Yaoi' hence I read yaoi mangas the most. However, I've read tons of manga that are non-yaoi and no, I don't think 'hetero should be banned' XD! Reading manga is my number one way of de-stressing. All hail manga! Yay!

4. Watch anime~ As above, and this is my number one way of getting into 'holiday mode'. ^.^

5. Watch Asian dramas~ I'm not as keen on watching dramas because once they suck me in, I'm unable to do anything else! I might even miss out classes just to keep watching the show >.< Yep, that's my fault, but all dramas are so good that they are to blame, too! .-. Recent record - Finished watching 'First Shop of Coffee Prince' in two days - stopping only for eating (thrice), bathing (once) and driving practice (once).

6. Forum browsing - Evil Empire and Red Madness (Red Madness is back, yay!). No, I'm not going to be tempted to join a hundred others. I really miss the Evil Empire ;_;

7. Browsing Wikipedia, Wikiquotes, Wikietc.

8. 43Universe - Right now, I'm cooling off this one because I don't have the time to do all the exciting stuff I keep adding to my list 'just because'.

9. Reading literature. I've joined the Book Club again since November - all hail me!

... and probably a lot of other stuff but that makes up so less of the total time that I might as well skip it~

Other Random Stuff (or Do you really have so much free time?)

1. I like talking to people 'honestly'. I enjoy discussing issues when people express their honest opinions. I hate mindless chatter. It doesn't have to be 'serious' and I prefer intelligent humour - and no, I don't care if it's X-Rated.

2. I like knowing things and doing new stuff. I love it when I learn about something that I haven't tried out before but there's a possibility that I can do it.

3. My past celebrity obsessions - Alan Rickman, Ryan Gosling, Hritik Roshan, Johnny Depp, Matsumoto Jun and Ikuta Toma. My current celebrity obsessions - Gong Yoo, Matt Damon. My all-time celebrity obsessions - M.S. Dhoni, Jude Law and Leonardo di Caprio.

4. Ink Penn would ask you (in no particular order) "Have You Read The Manga...":
- Complex by Manda Ringo
- Ima Ichiko's works
- Viewfinder Series by Yamane Ayano
- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e by Nakajo Hisaya
- Yumeka Sumomo's works
- Takahashi Tsutomu's works
- Miyamoto Kano's works
- Yoshinaga Fumi's works
- Naono Bohra's works
- Zetsuai since 1989/Bronze by Ozaki Minami
- Aishiteruze Baby by Maki Youko
- Koisuru Boukun by Takanaga Hinako
- Demian Syndrome by Mamiya Oki
- Ebisu by Ajimine Safuku
- Kimi ni wa Katenai (Can't Win With You) by Honami Yukine
- Minase Masara's works (oh, especially Gokujou no Koibito)
- Lost Child by Abe Miyuki
- Love Mode by Shimizu Yuki
- Maigo by Homerun Ken
- Mizushiro Setona's works
- Petshop of Horrors by Akino Matsuri
- Minekura Kazuya's works
- Steady Study by Yamato Nase
- Under Grand Hotel by Sadahiro Mika
- Waru by Hashida Yukari
- Koide Meiko's works
- Kimi to Harujion by Kinoshita Keiko
- You're So Cool by Lee Young Hui
- Ai no Kotodoma by Konno Keiko
- Pieta by Haruno Nanae
- Double Call by Hiiro Reichi
- Kunieda Saika's works
- Takaguchi Satosumi's works
- Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki by Kodaka Kazuma
- Kyou, Hana no Gotoshi by Akira Norikazu
- Let Dai by Woon Soo-yeon
- Fujimi Orchestra by Gotou Sei
- Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Youko
- Honey Baby by Yamagata Satomi
- Honey Bunny by Ikuemi Ryou
- Hwang Mi Ri's works
- I Can't Even Breathe Without You by Enjin Yamimaru
- K no Souretsu by Kusumoto Maki
- Nitta Youka's works
- Ai-Ren by Tanaka Yutaka
My up-to-date manga-reading records are listed in MangaUpdates.

5. I track the anime I watch on MyAnimeList.

6. The books I've read after I joined the site, Anobii last year can be found at my page on the same.

7. I track the movies I've watched on FilmCrave under the 'Movies I've Watched' list.

8. I'm working to list out albums enjoyed in a similar manner.

9. Asian doramas and movies that I have watched: Ichi Pound no Fukuin (2008W), Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007Su), Gokusen 1 (2002), Hana Yori Dango (2005F), Hana Yori Dango Returns (2007W), Nobuta wo Produce (2005F), Boys Love (2006), Ichi Rittoru no Namida (2005F), Okubirito (2008), The First Shop of Coffee Prince (2007), Ai no Kotodama (2008), Liar Game (2007Sp)