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Introductory Post

My profile speaks a lot about me in terms of my likes, dislikes, etc. Hence, the only other thing that I could think of including as an 'introduction' would be:

Okane ga Nai Questionnaire

Q1. What do you like and what are you weak against? 
A1. Books, History, Nature, Yaoi with promiscuous ukes and Yuri with short-haired girls! 

Q2. The thing you most desire right now.
A2. Learn how to play Go!  

Q3. The thing you value most.
A3. Pleasures and light-heartedness~

Q4. Secret treasure.
A4. Collection of books, mangas, puzzles, etc.

Q5. The most expensive item you have bought and the price.
A5. I've never really earned any money to buy stuff as such. >.<

Q6. When do you feel happiness?
A6. When I actually 'realise' that I am progressing... it's a rare feeling no matter what I do, though.

Q7. What made you happy recently?
A7. I actually get into the bath 45-50 minutes earlier than I did last week. So much time saved in the morning! 

Q8. Motto.
A8. Slow and steady wins the race.

Q9. If you were born a man.
A9. I don't think I'd be any different other than on the physical level. 

Q10. Your dream when you were young.
A10. Oscillated between teacher and scientist. Phbbbttt!!

Q11. If there's 100 million yen, how will you use it?
A11. Make 1000 million out of it before really using it. Maybe a bit on manga and a gou set, but nothing more, really.

Q12. If you're going to an uninhabited island, what 'one' thing will you bring for sure?
A12. A katana?

Q13. If you can live only three more years.
A13. I'll finally get around to reading all the classics I've always been 'planning to', I guess.

Q14. Which part of the body do you wash first?
A14. Hair, mostly. Feet, sometimes. I don't think I have an order for this. >.<

Q15. What kind of underwear do you want your lover to wear?
A15. I don't have a lover, but I don't think I'd care much beyond it being soft, clean and not 'cheap'. Yes, I've got ve~ry little sense of romance that way. Although abnormal colours are good...

Q16. When you like someone, which part attracts you the most?
A16. Firm nature and honesty. Physically, sense of individuality.

Q17. What did the person you liked do that made you happy?
A17. I like more than one person, actually. Sadly, none of them are ever too keen on considering my feelings. (What type of honesty is that, jeez!)

Q18. When is the last time you've cried?
A18. I cry randomly for random reasons... so much so that I can't even keep tabs on it. 


About Manga/Scanlations - Reading and Sharing:

Reading manga is one of my most favourite things. I don't have my own site or forum for sharing what I've uploaded but only help out a little bit at a certain site. However, if you're looking for something and it is available in my Complete List or Reading List at MangaUpdates, then I can most probably provide you with http download links via host sites for the same. Note that these links have certainly not been stolen from anywhere. I've obtained the scanlations from where I could and re-uploaded them. 

Just in case the scanlators provide either direct downloads or http links, then I'll direct you to their site. 

I'm also willing to help you get acquainted with IRC so that you can get scans on your own - guide you step-by-step through chat and such.

Lastly, if you're feeling generous, you could take a look at my
Wish List and oblige me! Raws accepted - preferably in Japanese (any language would do really, but Japanese is the only one I can comprehend so, it's first preference).

(Yaoi is my most-read genre, by the way!)

~Current Manga Count~
{Completed: 312}{Reading: 112}{Wish List: 85}

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