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Last Day of the Vacation

I can't believe it's over.

On Friday, I was in a terrible state, devastated at the prospect of leaving the sweet shelter of my room and going to college. However, it's inevitable. Once again, I realised that 'time' really is the single most powerful force ever.

I spent the day completely my Anatomy drawing book, reading manga and writing fanfiction. I'm glad that I'm writing again. Today is Day 5/14 - if I write fanfiction every day for 14 days, then I tick off the goal 'Begin writing fanfiction again'. I can't wait for that day. Right now, I'm planning to write something based on 'Koisuru Boukun' aka 'The Tyrant Who Fall In Love' by Takanaga Hinako. Hence, I spent some time re-reading that manga. Since it's an on-going series, I think I'll keep the fanfiction to a one-shot.

I'm going to miss being at home so much. But I'm trying to console myself with positive thoughts - the fact that I'm so dejected means that I've enjoyed this May vacation to my heart's content. Isn't that a good thing? I should spend each month this way, whether I'm at home or in college. Of course, it's harder in college because there are so many people - it's disgusting. I'm consoled by the fact that second year entails posting in the hospitals. It will be considerable relief to work among relative strangers and people who'll need my help.

Sweet day when I sat engrossed watching 'Coffee Prince'... lovely afternoon when I was alone watching Psycho... pretty twilight when I stood listening to the wind and trees - perhaps realising what 'Kaze to Ki no Uta' really meant...

I'm determined to remove my focus from 'people'. I've stocked my mobile with pics of Gong Yoo, I'll remember to put in my Writing notebook and I'll spend the evening and night studying so that I don't feel out-of-sync with studies tomorrow.

Hmmm... Actually, I'm really glad I feel this melancholy. It means that I'm myself again - no longer dependant on silly people for their approval.

And I'm not going to fail. I'm going to bear it to the best of my abilities and not run away from college. Tsuki Ganbaru! XD

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